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  • Do you sometimes feel trapped in frustration and disillusionment?
  • Are lots of topics off-limits in your relationship?
  • Is divorce on your mind?
  • Do little differences often turn into major battles?
  • Are you wondering what happened to the romance?

If you’re like most couples today, it was easy and fun to fall in love; however, staying in love hasn’t been as easy. Everything else in your relationship may run pretty smoothly, except for your communication. And without better communication, you may not be in the relationship for as long as you’d originally bargained for. Maybe it has already reached an impasse. Whatever the case, you may be missing out on the hidden opportunity to find the deeper love you want and the relationship you’ve been hoping or yearning for.

For starters, let’s agree that there’s nothing wrong with you! Our guess is that you were probably never taught or shown how to stay in your relationship. Marriage and committed relationships don’t require you to read instruction manuals or pass an entrance exam. And what you picked up from family, friends, religion, or school probably just didn’t translate into a reliable coherent package of information, advice, or skill.

The likely result: you’ve done what you could, using hit-or-miss trial-and-error (mostly unconsciously), but whatever you’ve tried or done, it hasn’t gotten you what you truly want. Maybe it’s gotten you the exact opposite of what you were aiming for! Now, maybe it’s come to the point where the daily wear and tear of conflict, whether presenting itself as argument or silence, has eaten away the connection until you feel too bruised to continue.

In such challenging times, chances are you haven’t been able to see a subtle truth: that your conflict is a powerful opportunity for growth and deeper connection. Seen in this light, your conflict all along has been potential good waiting to happen! It’s not something to be feared or be resigned to as ruling your relationship. It’s not meant to create distance and separation, but to create a chance to grow and heal through a new way of communication and mutual discovery.

We say all this because we have experienced it all ourselves. Over many years we lived in obscured understanding, lacking someone or something to step in and help us to communicate with each other with respect and listen beyond our own reactivity and absolute belief that one opinion is the absolute right one. We needed someone to guide us beyond that place and see if we could understand our differences. Read on…..

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If you are a Getting the Love You Want workshop graduate, but really feel the need for help in taking our dialogue skills and relationship to the next level, find out more about followup options here.

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“My husband and I came into this workshop hoping to find a new way to resolve our differences and move beyond the cycle of blame. What we learned through Betsy and Bruce and their ‘Getting the Love you Want’ workshop was beyond our wildest expectations. We learned that our entire pattern of love and communication could be changed. Betsy and Bruce gave us essential techniques and a structure to live by, one that chooses positive resolution instead of blame, and that puts the focus back on ourselves instead of trying to change the other person. For us it was a transformative experience! We hope all couples can experience this workshop to love each other better. Thank you Betsy and Bruce for all your wisdom and experience!’

KH – New Jersey

“Betsy and Bruce are easy for all ages to relate to. They may be 80 but they are with it, funny, up-to-date non-threatening grandparents!”

WR – British Columbia


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